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My imagery is mostly animals combined with a variety of colorful foliage, fruits, and dazzling flowers. These ideas and visions all come to me in my mind's eye as I am creating, as though it is some sort of spiritual magic and awakening! This spiritual magic reveals itself to me when the piece is complete. Many of the pieces tell a story yet I do not know the story, until the cast of characters reveals itself to me.

The first time that I noticed this 'magic', was while I was working on a large trellis or grid form that I was making for Children's Hospital Boston. It was constructed of old and twisted deadwood pruned from my ancient stand of lilac bushes! I attached the sticks and branches together to form something that looked like a rustic fence or trellis. This presented me with a perfect stage for that cast of characters: birds, fish, snakes, mice, fruits, flowers and various other leafy things. This sculpture was intended to be installed in the trauma center waiting room of Children's Hospital Boston. I mounted the last object, and I stood back to take a good look. This is when I realized what it meant and represented: it represented a rebirth some new growth and some new hope!

The trellis of dead and twisted branches may have stood unnoticed and abandoned for many years until now. One day as if by a miracle a few new birds appeared, leaves sprouted, and flowers once again bloomed, and fruits began to grow. The creatures of the land moved right in, realizing that it was a healthy place in which to flourish. The trellis became a microcosm of life and good health, a new beginning. A good life, new growth and renewed hope.

The celebration of life!

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