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I have been working as an artist for approximately 45 years. I work in several different mediums and manners, from landscape painting to working in wood and found materials in the interest of creating larger public and outdoor residential pieces. I first started having my wooden structures translated into cast bronze which offered great results, but it was very costly both in time and money


About four years ago I discovered that I could cut my animal and floral shapes from aluminum, using the same tools that I have been using for wood. It was an awakening of new ideas, new processes, and new work! The imagery is the same: animals, foliage, trees, and trellises. I like working in aluminum as a medium for my outdoor sculptures because it will last forever and never rust. I also take great care in preparing the surface for painting, powder coating, or a combination of both.

I'm going wild with increasingly more vivid color combinations and because I am not always able to choose which colors to use, many pieces are reversible. This way each side has a different color combination! I also make each sculpture easy to turn once they are installed. This way you can enjoy both sides.

I'm very excited about my new work. Every day offers a new idea for a variety of new designs and forms of sculpture. Right now, I am working on a series of outdoor illuminated pieces. Lightboxes or pedestals that are ideal for the garden landscape, deck, or patio. Also, fully 3-dimensional trees with large and lighted blown glass birds are in the works!

Currently, I am pursuing a series of installations and exhibitions at gardens, museums, and botanical gardens along the East Coast, including Highfield Hall Mansion and Garden in Falmouth, MA, and at Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich, MA.

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